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We are fortunate to have a team of more than 140 dedicated consultants who are committed to delivering high quality care and treatment to our patients. This directory gives a who’s who guide to our clinicians by their specialty and sub specialties and gives details of the clinics they run. You can also read more about their qualifications and experience by clicking on their individual consultant’s profile.

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Name Department Interests Clinic Times Secretary Contact Profile
Mr M Macheta  Haematology  Haematological Malignancies and lymphoma    01253 303760  Display Profile
Dr J McIlmoyle  Stroke Medicine  All aspects of stroke medicine including stroke thrombolysis, acute stroke management and rehabilitation. Transient Ischaemic attacks, primary and secondary prevention of strokes.    01253 303861  Display Profile
Mr Steve J Mannion  Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery  Lower limb surgery; Foot & Ankle, Knee arthroscopy & replacement, ligament reconstruction, Hip replacement, Clubfoot correction, Hand surgery. Orthopaedic trauma surgery.  Monday PM  01253 306715  Display Profile
Dr Rabin Mohanty  Paediatrics  Acute Paediatrics, Education, Research  Monday PM Diabetes Clinic , Wednesday PM (alternate) General Paediatric Clinic , Thursday 9:30 Community Clinic at Blenheim House  01253 306843  Display Profile
Dr Senthil Murugesan  Gastroenterology  All aspects of Gastroenterology especially Endoscopy, ERCP, Inflammatory bowel disease and Endoscopy Training.  Wed AM and Friday AM  01253 953712  Display Profile
Dr J D Mackay  Endocrinology  Hypertension  Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Wed AM, Fri PM and Fleetwood Hospital – Thu PM    Display Profile
Dr A Mirakhur  Respiratory Diseases  Chest physician  Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Mon PM, Tue AM and PM    Display Profile
Dr R More  Cardiology  Angiography & Angioplasty, Echocardiography (stress & TOE), Pacing Areas of interest:Acute coronary syndromes, platelet function, secondary prevention, assessment of myocardial ischaemia, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.  Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Thu PM  01253 657758  Display Profile
Mr Anthony Lee Murphy  Foot and Ankle Surgery  Foot & Ankle surgery, Lower limb biomechanics. Bunion (hallux valgus) surgery, arthritis of the foot & surgical management, toe surgery, flatfoot, neuromas, ingrown toenails, implants    01253 956096  Display Profile
Mr S J McLoughlin  Orthopaedics  Arthroscopic surgery, knee surgery  Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Mon PM, Tue PM, Wed PM    Display Profile
Mr S Morgan  Opthalmology  Macular Degeneration, Medical Retinal Disease  Blackpool Victoria Hospital – Wed PM. Fleetwood Hospital - Fri PM  01253 303650  Display Profile
Mr R W J Millner  Cardiothoracic  Myocardial Revascularisation, Coronary Artery Surgery, Mitral valve Surgery, Mitral valve Repair Surgery, 'Port Access' Cardiac Surgery, Surgery for Atrial Fibrillation. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery.  Blackpool Victoria Hospital – Mon AM (alternate weeks)  01253 657786  Display Profile

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