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We are fortunate to have a team of more than 140 dedicated consultants who are committed to delivering high quality care and treatment to our patients. This directory gives a who’s who guide to our clinicians by their specialty and sub specialties and gives details of the clinics they run. You can also read more about their qualifications and experience by clicking on their individual consultant’s profile.

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Name Department Interests Clinic Times Secretary Contact Profile
Dr Chris Dunkley  Anaesthetics  Anaesthetics    01253 303499  Display Profile
Dr Robert Downes  Critical Care  Audit, ICNARC    01253 303499  Display Profile
Mr P Dunkow  Orthopaedics  General orthopaedics with a special interest in knee surgery. Sports injuries and ligament reconstruction in the knee and arthroscopy of the knee.  Blackpool Victoria Hospital - Wed AM, Thu AM, Fri AM. Fleetwood – Wed AM  01253 303524  Display Profile
Mr A J Duncan  Cardiothoracic  Off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. Aortic surgery. General thoracic including thoracoscopic surgery. Oesophageal surgery. Surgical training and education.  Blackpool Victoria Hospital – Thu PM (alternate weeks)  01253 657788  Display Profile
Mr M Dalal  Plastic Surgery    Blackpool Victoria Hospital – Thu (alternate weeks)    Display Profile
Mr C Davis  Neurosurgery  General  Blackpool Victoria Hospital – Mon PM (third Monday in the month)    Display Profile
Miss June Davies  Gynaecology  Colposcopy, Outpatient hysteroscopy and treatment, Minimally invasive surgery, Lead obstetrician for drug misusing pregnant women, Risk Management consultant lead.  Blackpool Victoria Hospital –Thu AM  01253 303645  Display Profile
Mr S J Duthie  Gynaecology  HRT, ante-natal, fertility  Blackpool Victoria Hospital –Wed AM    Display Profile

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